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"Diets suck and the results rarely last." 
(Tiffany Anne Smith, rebel + nutritionist)
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Life-changing results don't have to hard-won. Let me prove it to you.

It's validated science, yo.

February 20, 2017

5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern
Webinar Starts In...

Tiffany Anne Smith

Tiffany is certified in Integrative Nutrition, Holistic Life Coaching, Sleep Science, and Yoga. She's also earning a bachelor's of science in Dietetics and Nutrition and is excited to serve clients in the prevention and treatment of disease through diet and lifestyle as a Registered Dietitian. 
What To Expect:
  • LIVE INSTRUCTION via Facebook LIVE on the brain-science of weight loss, nutrition, and lasting change. The fastest way to optimum health is through pleasure and compassion!
  • DIY ADVENTURES to help you figure out what get you the best results and implement only what works, feels good, and is the most fun.
  • LEARN HOW TO INVOLVE YOUR LOVED ONES into your new lifestyle so you can take good care of yourself without feeling lonely, comprimising your goals or feeling guilty.
  • LEARN HOW TO MAKE SUCCESS AUTOMATIC so that every day you feel energized, motivated, and know that you are making your goals and dreams a reality. 
  • CLEAR OUT OLD JUNK and create space for a new diet + lifestyle that makes you and your loved ones proud. 
  • SPECIAL DISCOUNTS for personalized meal plans + to the Art of Personal Science online.
  • A ridiculous amount of fun, encouragement, and support !
You do not need to be 10 years younger, wait until some arbitrary date, eat boiled chicken + broccoli every day, buy a Vitamix, go broke at Whole Foods, throw money away on expensive supplements, spend all day Sunday cooking, wake up at 5am to exercise, never go out, or quit drinking alcohol to feel good, wake up energized, be content, feel peace, reach your goals, or lose weight. 

So stop making excuses. 100% responsibility starts now. 
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